Prehistoric Digital provides digital intermediate and related services. Specializing in color correction and delivery, our core staff of full-time colorists, producers, and online editors have extensive on-set and post-production experience, ready to support our clients through all phases of production:

– Workflow design and consultation
– Camera and DI tests and screenings
– Offline editorial facilities and support
– Online editing and final assembly
– Finishing visual effects and VFX reviews

– Digital Intermediate color correction
РDigital Cinema Mastering, including in-house DCP authoring with DVS Clipster

Our workflows are customized to meet the needs of every production we support. Working with all digital camera formats, our custom workflows, experienced staff, and top-end facilities and equipment ensure the highest possible image quality and artistic integrity for your project. Whether your destination is a wide theatrical release via DCP, the festival circuit, VOD or television, Prehistoric’s comprehensive approach ensures your images will look their best.